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I constantly get asked, “Will Putin push farther into Ukraine?” and “Will Putin invade the Baltic states?” And here’s how I answer these questions. Vladimir Putin is two things: an opportunist and an absolute capitalist. Putin began practicing judo at a young age, and one important aspect of the sport, is the judo master uses … Continue reading

Many of you wonderful readers have written to me personally telling me how much you’ve enjoyed I, Putin. I appreciate hearing from all of you. It makes my day each time! I was hoping you would carry that enthusiasm onto, and rate and review I, Putin on Amazon. It will only take two minutes … Continue reading

Thank you to Amanda Festa of Literary Traveler magazine for writing a wonderful article about my recent talk in Boston. For those of you who want to learn tips about the business side of self-publishing, please check out the article below. Also, don’t forget to check out the No Bulls**t Guide to Self-Publishing, available on … Continue reading

Tuesday night, one day after the Boston Marathon explosions, I had a speaking engagement focusing on Vladimir Putin and my novel. I ended the talk saying that if the police and FBI were to find out the perpetrators of the explosions were international terrorists, Putin would be involved. He’s been calling for a joint blacklist … Continue reading

The American media is amazingly predictable. I click on CNN and guess what I see? A huge photo of Russian oligarch and tycoon Boris Berezovsky, who died today at 67 years of age. And supposedly…no one knows how…yet. Natural questions arise, such as: What did Berezovsky die of? Why did he die so young (by … Continue reading

Vladimir Putin called President Obama to give his condolences for the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that occurred in Newtown, CT last week. As an American, interestingly enough, when I first heard about this horrific tragedy, my mind didn’t go to the Columbine shootings, which is the natural memory for most people. Instead, I thought … Continue reading

To Vladimir Putin on his 60th birthday, My birthday wish for you is to stir up controversy and drama wherever you go this year. Why? Because it’s good for my book. I understand you have many things on your plate…Syria, Iran, China and that pesky United States…but what I’d love to see you capitalize on … Continue reading

Pussy Riot, the all-female punk band, storms a cathedral in Moscow and starts jumping up and down and screaming lyrics on the altar, and apparently, that’s totally okay?! Here, in American, the supposed “land of the free,” we have a problem with it too. It’s rude, disrespectful and not the venue at all. Imagine if … Continue reading

Check out my new YouTube video to see what I really think of Putin! Thanks everyone. ~ Jennifer  

Vladimir Putin will be inaugurated again, for the third, yep, the third time as president of Russia. So what are we to expect? People ask me this question when they’ve heard I’ve written a novel about Putin, and my answer is: TWEAK. Putin is learning how to become the master of tweaking his image. Will … Continue reading

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